Fred Feldman (fredfeldman)

Born in Baku, USSR, Fred and his family were refugees from his family historical homeland in Poland. His mother and father left their home in Sokolow Podlaski, Poland after Germany occupied Poland and overran their home town. They ran east into the USSR and managed to just stay ahead of the German army. After the war, they were resettled into a Displaced Persons camp in Austria and eventually emigrated to the U.S.

Fred grew up in South Bend, Indiana and eventually graduated as Valedictorian of South Bend Central High School. He went to college at the University of Chicago, where he met and married his wife Rhoda Irene Feldman. The two of them graduated with Batchelor of Science degrees in Biochemistry and enrolled and graduated from Purdue University with Ph.D's in Biochemistry. The two did post-doctoral research at Indiana University after which Fred took a position as a Senior Scientist in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Fred has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years developing products for human therapy which have been licensed for clinical use around the world.

Fred and Rhoda have one son, David Moses Feldman, who is a Senior Engineer at Ratheon Corporation in Boston and a specialist in construction of complex databases and internet programming. David is married to Lauren Bleich Feldman who is an M.D. specializing in gastroenterology. They have a daughter, Ellie Rose, whom Fred and Rhoda adore.

Fred has many hobbies, one of which is photography. He has been deeply involved in taking and processing photographs and set up first a black and white darkroom and then a color darkroom where he made his own chemicals and developed color prints using both color negative processing as well as Cibachrome chemistry.

Fred has traveled extensively around the world over the last 35 years, has an extensive collection of slides and prints, and has migrated toward digital photography and Photoshop processing over the last years.

Fred and his wife Rhoda currently reside in Kensington, New Hampshire.